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The Forbidden Journey: Food and Conflict in Challenging Times was a retrospective exhibition, foregrounding significant artworks created for projects staged by Food of War during the years 2014-2021. It featured the work of 10 international artists with a particular focus on South American and Eastern European voices (areas from which core members of the collective hail), intermixed with several pieces made in collaboration by members of Food of War. 

It is a tightly packed but finely grained exhibition showcasing over 40 individual artworks and four new live performances that weave alternately throughout the space; at times ambient and self-contained, at others enveloping, engaging with, and meeting the audience head-on. For an exhibition staged entirely in a single room at London’s iconic Saatchi Gallery – it was undeniably and deeply ambitious in its scale and the complexity of the world, politics, and culture it captured.


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