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In the current social landscape marked by increasing student and youth protests in the city of Madrid, Food of War, in collaboration with artist Chérine Yazbeck, present "17 of October, 2023, Sweet Resilience."

This mixed-media piece serves as a temporary showcase at

MMMAD Festival’s “External Memory” exhibition, held at HYPER HOUSE in Carabanchel neighbourhood from May 9 to 31.

“In the heart of conflict-ridden Palestine, where daily life is marred by scarcity, danger, and loss, there exists a poignant symbol of resilience amidst adversity – the candy floss machine next to the hospital. Amidst the relentless power cuts that plunge the region into darkness, the hospital stands as abeacon of stability, offering a sanctuary of uninterrupted power. And next to this vital lifeline, a candy floss machine emerges, an unlikely oasis of sweetness amidst the chaos.

In a land where children are tasked every day with the duty of seeking food to bring back home amid the uncertainty

of war, the sight of a candy floss machine offers a fleeting moment of solace. Here, in the midst of scarcity, the whimsy of childhood endures.

As the cost of sugar skyrockets to more than 50 dollars per kilo and its availability dwindles the simple pleasure of candy floss becomes a precious commodity, a reminder of a time when life was

not defined by conflict and hunger. Yet, despite the odds stacked against them, the resilient spirit of the community persists. With each swirl of sugary delight, laughter echoes through the air, defying the darkness that threatens to engulf their world.

In the face of injustice and violence, the candy floss serves as a testament to the enduring power of hope and the universal desire for a brighter future. It is a reminder that even in the bleakest of

circumstances, the human spirit has the capacity to find joy and beauty.

May this installation stand as a tribute to the strength and resilience and a call to action for a world

where every child can experience the sweetness of a carefree childhood, free from the shadows of

conflict and despair.”

The video piece will be complemented by a sound art piece also created by Yazbeck. It is described as a cacophony of sounds capturing the violence of one of the numerous drone bombings in Gaza, specifically that of October 17, 2023.

In addition to being showcased at HYPER HOUSE, this installation will also be presented at various protest events in Madrid to actively engage the general public.


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