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Charity Registration no. 1197301

London NW3 4LJ CIO -




The CIO's objective is to advance public appreciation and engagement in the arts, with a special focus on exploring themes of food and conflict. Our activities span a diverse range of artistic expressions including painting, sculpture, multimedia installations, and performance arts. We actively foster collaborative projects, partnering with various organizations and artists to enhance cultural and educational experiences. Through workshops and participatory events, we aim to make the arts accessible and relevant to diverse communities, thereby enriching public understanding and dialogue on critical social issues.


For years, Food of War has been an art collective but recently the Food of War Platform was. created as a Charity Incorporated Organization to support the Art Collective’s endeavours. This event launches the organization to broaden Food of War horizons and take its projects to wider audiences.


Food of War Platform organized an impactful art show at The Saatchi Gallery, one of the UK's most prestigious private galleries. This event showcased the works of over 20 artists, many of whom were previously unknown to UK audiences. The exhibition, attracting over 3,500 visitors, aimed to bring art to diverse audiences by offering free admission, thereby breaking down barriers to access.

Our Pillars:


Inclusivity and Accessibility: The exhibition was unique in its commitment to inclusivity, offering a freeof-charge experience to all attendees. This approach aimed to democratize art appreciation and make it accessible to a broader audience.


Social Impact: Beyond art, the charity utilized the opening event and social media platforms to bring attention to the Vauxhall Food Bank. This collaboration not only raised awareness but also provided tangible support to an organization dedicated to offering food assistance in the Borough of Vauxhall, London.


Educational Outreach: The charity conducted guided tours for students from three different schools, engaging 300 students who had not previously been exposed to this specific genre of art focused on food. These tours introduced students to the world of art and provided valuable insights into the cultural significance of food as a subject and medium in artistic expression.


Community Partnerships: As a direct result of the exhibition, Food of War forged meaningful relationships with other charities, including Arts Connections, Proposition Studios, and MQ Mental Health. These partnerships open up opportunities for collaborative initiatives and further strengthen the charity's impact on both the arts and mental health sectors.


The art show at The Saatchi Gallery stands as a testament to Food of War's commitment to breaking down barriers, fostering community engagement, and creating positive societal change through the transformative power of art.






TRUSTEES: Edward Gonzalez, Roseanne Bonnar, Ricardo Pachon, Andreina Fuentes, Siofra Dromgoole, Elsa Carolina Ferro For more information regarding our activities, and to become a supporter,


email: foodofwarplatform@gmail.comite.

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