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Our Creative Founders.

Architects of a gastronomic revolution, pioneering a movement that melds the culinary arts with the poignant narratives of conflict and resilience.


These trailblazing individuals are the creative alchemists who conceived the concept, blending their passion for food with a deep-seated appreciation for the human experience.

Hernan Barros, hailing from Barrancabermeja, Colombia, now calls London home, where he operates as a visual effects artist.


His involvement in Oscar-winning teams for films like Gravity -2013 and The Jungle Book 2016 highlights his technical prowess in presenting flawless composite images.


However, it's his role as a conceptual artist within Food of War that truly showcases his talent. Hernan's research-driven approach enriches collective projects, aiming to engage diverse audiences and prompt profound reflection on contemporary issues.


Omar Castañeda, originally from Bogotá, Colombia, now resides and works in London.


At the core of his artistic exploration lies the subject of food. His practice often incorporates a diverse range of food substances, animal tissues, human teeth, and precious metals, serving as symbolic representations of competing cultural values.


Through his multimedia approach, Omar delves into the intricate network of associations surrounding food, drawing inspiration from its global significance. His works have received prestigious grants and prizes over the last years, and they have been showcased in renowned galleries such as the Saatchi Gallery in London and museums worldwide.



Andreina Fuentes Angarita, born in Caracas, Venezuela, now based in the USA, presents a critical exploration of gender and identity construction. Her work confronts social injustice and stereotypes through photography and other mediums. 

With BA studies in Bank and Finance, Museology, Art History, and Law, she’s trained at institutions such as the Art Students League in New York, Roberto Mata Photography, and Nelson Garrido’s workshop in Caracas. 

Fuentes draws inspiration from personal experiences and political themes, challenging concepts of beauty and femininity. Her current focus delves into contemporary social values, such as diversity, equality and inclusion, community engagement education, and advocating for immigration and gender civil rights of equal protection under the law.

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