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The Museum of Contemporary Art in Bogota (MAC) extended an invitation to the collective for its inaugural exhibition in Colombia. Featuring a diverse blend of international and Colombian artists, the showcase delved into critical themes such as the post-conflict political landscape, Venezuelan migration, and the historical underpinnings of inequality in Colombia.

Entitled "Peace at the Tables?", the exhibition transcended traditional boundaries by aiming to transform the museum into a dynamic forum for dialogue and heightened awareness. Over the span of three months, the MAC served as a symbolic table, inviting diverse voices to converge and contribute their perspectives to the intricate tapestry of Colombian history—a narrative that reverberates globally.

In an excerpt from Gabriella Sonabend's curatorial narrative for "Peace at the Tables?", the essence of the exhibition's mission is encapsulated: to unravel the complex layers of Colombian history by fostering inclusive dialogue and collective reflection.


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