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For Food of War, the hive serves as a poignant representation of society. Viewing the hive collapse syndrome (CDC) as an ideal metaphor, it reflects the societal changes brought about by mass exoduses resulting from labour migration.

"During the CDC, the bees gradually abandon the hive, leaving the queen alone with a few bees to care for the eggs. However, they do not produce the resources needed to sustain the hive, leading to its eventual decline and collapse. Unlike solitary bees, hive bees have segmented functions within the complex organisation of a swarm. When this delicate balance is disrupted, their destruction becomes inevitable, even if it unfolds gradually over time," reads the curatorial text.

Inspired by this metaphor, the exhibition "La Diaspora de la Colmena: Espíritu y Colapso" initiates a reflection on Venezuelan migration in the United States and Colombia. It welcomes the public during ARTBO Weekend in April 2023.

"Amid these migratory processes, society fractures and desperately attempts to cohere with the available resources. In some cases, these resources are sufficient to restructure its functioning, but in others, they are not," remarked Venezuelan artist Andreina Fuentes Angarita, who participated in the exhibition alongside Hernán Barros, Ismael Manco, Juan Felipe Herrera, Kayflo Muztard, Lina Castillo, Omar Castañeda, Rafael Antonio Rodríguez Piedrahíta, Ricardo Arispe, Rupert Earl, Sergio Mendoza, Valentina Niño, and Zinaïda.


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