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This project offers a nuanced exploration of the intricate relationship between pigs, humans, and the viewer, offering a multifaceted perspective on this dynamic connection. It delves into the symbolic significance that pigs have held throughout history, encapsulating a range of themes and emotions.

Throughout human civilization, the pig has embodied a plethora of contrasting symbols, from notions of wealth and poverty to concepts of celebration and repulsion, from luck to greed. Yet, at the heart of these diverse representations lies a profound analogy that resonates deeply with the human experience.

It is in this recognition that we often find ourselves reflected in the pig.

Indeed, the pig serves as a mirror through which we confront our own complexities and paradoxes. Through the lens of gastronomy, beauty is intertwined with the primal instinct of survival. However, the pig's presence is not always met with universal acceptance, as it is shunned from certain palates for a myriad of reasons, further adding layers to its rich metaphorical tapestry.


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