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35 Fragments was first staged at the Brazilian Embassy in Madrid as part of the 2016 Arco Art Fair, and subsequently sponsored by Air France at SP Arte, São Paulo, in 2016.

Guests gathered around a table adorned with 35 white cakes sculpted into the shape of heads, their gaze directed towards the ceiling. Overhead projectors illuminated each cake with lifelike images of real faces, one for each confection. As these projected faces spoke and sang in a multitude of languages, diners were encouraged to partake in a surreal culinary experience, using spoons and forks to consume the head-shaped cakes.

The act of consumption transformed the serene visages into distorted, gnashed, torn, and mangled expressions, creating a striking juxtaposition between the beauty of the projected faces and the visceral reality of the dining experience. Through this innovative presentation, guests were invited to contemplate the complex relationship between sustenance, perception, and the human form, fostering a thought-provoking dialogue on the nature of consumption and its impact on our perception of self and others.


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