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By  Omar Castañeda collaboration with Quintina Valero

The Euromaiden was a series of protests and civil unrest in Ukraine that started in late 2013 demanding closer European integration and led to the Ukrainian Revolution. They had a significant impact in politics and women were key to the movement, representing almost half of its force. In the “Night of Women’s Solidarity” they declared, “Women don’t just make sandwiches, they make barricades”. 


This section is made of a series of portraits of women in the same place were they joined the protests. It is an exploration of the active roles they contributed such us nurses, doctors, logistics and even fighting, building barricades and demanding changes.


The art collective invited women who took part of the revolution in Maiden Square as mentioned. Despite the success of the revolution, people are still suffering of the consequences of a precarious economy and this group of women is still active raising awareness about hunger and budget cuts in pensions.


We asked them to pose holding a metaphorical one-word-sign of either “bread” or “barricade” to show the way the organized themselves in self-defense units as Sarah Phillips said to the International Business Times.





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