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I.N.E.S (I.N.E.S grade 7) x 2 = Caution


By  Omar Castañeda & Hernan Barros

2016, Variables, Installation - Mix Media


An imaginary intertwined of the two biggest nuclear catastrophes ( Cernobyl - Fukishima) is made in this installation. The fishes showcased here come from the contaminated area; specimens like these ones are part of the daily diet of people still living near the affected area of Chernobyl. Both tragedies were devastating and separated by a vast number of days and miles but the idea of link them together is a reminder that as a species, we are playing with something far more dangerous than fire and the scars left by it will not be superficial. It is the balance of our ecosystem the one that has been altered. Once a part of the food chain has been contaminated, how can we stop this domino effect? Nature will come for us or from us either in the shape of a massive cleansing tsunami or small poisoned fishes.

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