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Food of  War 2019 

In this Gastroperformance, a dialog between thirty-five people from different cultural backgrounds reveals the impermanence and frailty of the individual sphere. The speeches and sounds mix memories and dreams, exposing individuality as a non-place.

Simultaneously, the performance questions its own validity as an idiom. A chaotic impasse ensues in which the heads question their presence there and end up proposing their own sacrifice as a solution.

Those whom have been to a gastroperformance, know that the food is not just a prop. Every menu created requires as much care as its mise-en-scène. Recipes and techniques are meticulously designed in order to articulate the five senses in a true alchemy that equally stresses flavour and aesthetics. In Thirty Five Fragments, the food was shaped as human heads, arousing a multitude of contradictory feelings in the public.

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