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MANIFIESTO: Sang by Carolina Munoz


A Mezzo-soprano sings the Food of War Manifesto and brings to music the ideas of the collective. Her aim is to engage our audience in a stronger way, showing the versatility of the concept and how anyone could be involved with it.


MILKING SONGS:  Carolina Munoz


The Milking  Songs were performed by farmers to their cows. This ritual takes place before milking the cow or during the act to make them feel at ease and relax them, therefore obtaining a larger quantity of milk. Colombian & Venezuelan farmers and their animals used to have a very close bond, however this tradition has been lost with new generations because nowadays cows are milked by machines instead of people. The Milking songs were declared Intangible Heritage and this video is a homage to this tradition; to the farmers and to countryside life. 



PATALETA :  Carolina Munoz & Omar


She is Colombian singer and composer born in Bogotá, dedicated to her music of Colombia  and Latin American folklore.

Composing  is a world that has recently been discovered and is bringing me a lot of satisfaction.

The experience of being very close to opera and popular music has been very enriching and giving me a lot of tools for interpretation and composition.

My dream is that all together could make music and art to change the direction this world has taken.


Black Rain :  Carolina Munoz & Hernan Barros


To commemorate the 31th anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster, Food of War  organized Clouded Lands, a show which aims to raise awareness on the consequences that such catastrophic event brings in people’s culture and everyday life: outcomes that can still be seen and experienced today in this area of our planet.

Ópera de los cerdos Colombia: Carolina Munoz 


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