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 Food of War 2019

Opera of the pigs reflects upon greed and pride of minorities to the detriment of humanity.
The project proposes a relationship between pigs, humans and the viewer, seen from different perspectives; and includes symbolical particularities that the animal represents throughout history.
In this way, the project relates the end of the 20th and beginning of the 21st centuries with the current times, through the feelings invoked in the following works: “Animal Farm” from George Owell, “Ultimatum” from Alvaro de Campos and “Ballad for consent to this world” from Bertolt Brecht.
It proposes different points of view regarding the pig. In one side the glutton and on the other side the symbol of the gastronomical culture represented on the feijoada. It reflects on the dissolution of limits, whether they are territorial, or the limits of the body; and also reflect on the loss of control.
It proposes in a naïve form and at the same time provocative the triumph of art and culture beyond the “forces of evil”.


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