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BLACK RAIN - LLUVIA NEGRA ( Spanish version)

Live version  03/03/17 CAB Museum Burgos - Spain

By  Carolina Muñoz, Omar Castañeda and Hernan Barros

To commemorate the 31th anniversary of Chernobyl disaster, Food of War  organized Clouded Lands, a show which aims to raise awareness on the consequences that such catastrophic event brings in people’s culture and everyday life: outcomes that can still be seen and experienced today in this area of our planet.

Just 70 miles away from the nuclear disaster, the Gomel region is where the Soviet government used artillery shells filled with silver iodide to make rain clouds that would “wash out” radioactive particles which were drifting towards densely populated cities. Witnesses say that that day in 1986 they saw black rain falling from the sky. The nuclear fallout is said to have caused an 80% increase in disabled births here, and to this day huge areas around Gomel remain uninhabitable. To commemorate this tragedy, Carolina and Food of War wrote Black Rain to translate the Gomel catastrophe  into sounds.



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