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By Simone Mattar

After the accident in Chernobyl 30 years ago, the black radioactive cloud moved to Belarus because of the strong winds. Climate patterns show that the entire country was polluted and measures had to be taken.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. This is why the government of Belarus decided to spread the radioactive chemicals into the clouds in order to avoid a national tragedy. Black rain that fell in the south of the country looked apocalyptic. It is hard to imagine and even more painful to remember for those who saw it at the time.

There are very few things in the world that are as natural and pure as small fluffy white clouds in the sky are. During our childhood we sometimes imagine that God may be in one of them looking down on us.

How can something so pure, unreachable, sent to us by Mother Nature be so destructive? In this work, Simone Mattar shares her point of view on the mystical cloud by making something innocent and playful like cotton candy. This adds an element of familiarity and childhood to the piece. It is in no way harmful, a bit mysterious and thus accessible to all. The black cloud is a combination of the morbid and sweet. Do you dare to try it before it rains on you? 

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