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Apples are present in our set of icons. The one offered from Eve. The falling apple that inspired Newton. The poisoned apple that Snowy White took a bite from. The one we bring to our teacher. Apple pie and apple strudel. The apple of discord that caused the Trojan War. The contaminated apple from Chernobyl that is sold in the black market. The one we refuse to believe that is poisoned. The one we still believe in, we hope to see in our tables, sweet and crunchy. That moment before we taste it, when we briefly smell its skin. Basic paradisiac food from mother nature. The overflowing apples trees in the contami- nated area where animals and people alike still eat them. Knitted images from our protective mothers. Purified shield from the orange forest covered on a layer of black rain in Gomel, on a white mantle of reactive contamination. Apples always at our table. 

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